April High Cap News

Hello, PATH families! Yesterday I got a check-in call from Tahoma’s highly capable coordinator, Chris Everett. Here are a few pieces of behind-the-scenes highly capable news she relayed:

● 2nd grade testing complete
○ Most was done online, but some circumstances necessitated in-person testing.
○ For incoming Discovery families, open houses will be held over Zoom for each school, on May 11 and 13. More info to come.

● Meeting with middle level teachers about the new highly capable courses
○ Experience was better than they had hoped this year, especially given the pandemic circumstances.
○ Teachers are planning deeper, richer content and experiences for the future.

● 5th graders—middle school prep
○ If you are currently receiving hi cap services, you'll automatically be registered for hi cap classes for middle school.
○ This is the case for both Discovery and Cougar students.

I hope you and your families are doing well.

-Michelle Smart, PATH president