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A few overdue updates…

Hi PATH Parents,

I hope your summer has gotten off to a good start! My family’s already fully into the swing of swim team, church camps, and experimental recipes.

I recently had the chance to sit down with Chris Everett, Tahoma’s Highly Capable Coordinator, to touch base on a few topics. First, the new Discovery class is all set to go. Housed at Rock Creek Elementary, a teacher new to the district was just hired for the position. Chris sat on the hiring committee, and she is excited for the enthusiasm this new teacher is bringing.

Second, Tahoma’s highly capable program continues to grow! The district accepts nominations for hi cap from new move-ins during the summer, but if you already reside in the district, then the nomination window is only in the fall. This allows district staff to be able to focus on different efforts at other times of the year.

Last, PATH recently heard from one of you, a parent of a gifted student, about how the lack of teacher training at the middle school has negatively impacted their student’s learning. Both this parent and the PATH board then reached out to Chris about the need for training for all middle school teachers—not solely the hi cap teachers—on the characteristics and needs of highly capable students. I am happy to report to you that Chris took our comments seriously, and she is planning just such a training for this coming school year.

Thank you, parents, for coming together and letting our voices be heard in an insistent and respectful way. We on the PATH board want to be a conduit for meaningful change in our district, and we accomplish this best when we partner together.



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