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All resources that generally fall into learning the basics of what giftedness is, the opportunities, challenges, etc. of being gifted.

PATH talks with Scouting BSA about working with gifted students

0 Comments March 19, 2019

Exciting news! I recently was invited by Scouting BSA (formerly called Boy Scouts of America) to give a presentation to all the units in our region about how to work with gifted kids in the scouting program. It was a whirlwind overview in which I introduced them to what being gifted actually means, why the […]

Voice of the Expert

0 Comments March 8, 2019

PATH > Learn About Giftedness   Linda Silverman: The Unique Inner Lives of Gifted Children Lecture Notes – Part I Lecture Notes I recently attended a lecture on the unique emotional needs of gifted learners and how those manifest in “over-excitabilities”. The session was presented by the legendary Dr. Linda Silverman, one of the most […]

Learning PATH – What is ‘Gifted’?

0 Comments October 11, 2018

The Robinson Center at the University of Washington

0 Comments October 3, 2018

Northwest Gifted Child Association (NWGCA)

0 Comments September 30, 2018

Advocacy 101

0 Comments September 27, 2018

Hoagies: A One-Stop-Shop for the Gifted

0 Comments September 21, 2018