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Practical resources and articles on how to teach gifted kids in ways that will help them flourish.

Middle School ELA Curriculum Night

0 Comments December 4, 2020

Just a quick happy note–cuz we all need those in 2020, am I right?–to share what a positive impact PATH is having in Tahoma School District (TSD). Last night, TSD held an info meeting about new proposed English curricula for middle school. Woven throughout the presentation were assertions that the team was considering the advanced […]

WAETAG Report 2020

0 Comments October 28, 2020

PATH > Teaching Gifted Students Lessons and feedback on WAETAG 2020   Two months into the school year and I still don’t feel like my family has settled into a new normal! In this changing educational climate, parents and kids alike are trying to learn a new system. But I wonder if we sometimes forget […]

5 Thoughts to Help You Parent a Perfectionist

0 Comments June 29, 2020

I have a gifted perfectionist in my home. (Well, more than one, if I want to look in the mirror.) Parenting such a kiddo can be overwhelming, so when WAETAG (Washington Association for Educators of the Talented and Gifted) offered a webinar on the subject, I hurried to register. The speaker was Lisa Van Gemert, […]

PATH talks with Scouting BSA about working with gifted students

0 Comments March 19, 2019

Exciting news! I recently was invited by Scouting BSA (formerly called Boy Scouts of America) to give a presentation to all the units in our region about how to work with gifted kids in the scouting program. It was a whirlwind overview in which I introduced them to what being gifted actually means, why the […]

Linda Silverman’s Advice to Tahoma

0 Comments March 13, 2019

I recently attended a lecture by Linda Silverman, one of the leading experts in the field of gifted education. (See my notes: Part 1, Part 2).  After the lecture, I had the opportunity to ask her about Tahoma’s current middle school needs: Q: We have an opportunity provide input to our district regarding the first […]

High School Site Plan Report

0 Comments December 6, 2018

The strategic plan that Tahoma High School presented to guide their 2019-2020 school year focus.

Secondary Site Plans


Middle School Site Plan Report


The strategic plans that Summit Trail and Maple View middle schools presented to guide their 2019-2020 school year focus.

Tahoma SD’s Official Highly Capable web page

0 Comments October 16, 2018

Gifted Guru

0 Comments October 10, 2018