I hope every teacher of gifted learners receives a letter like the one below:


Thank you, thank you, thank you for teaching my child!

You labored tirelessly all year to nurture his scholastic and personal growth. As you do every year, you devoted your heart and soul to serving a large group kids who will never properly appreciate the degree of your dedication to them.

I’m aware that my child is not easy to have in class. Although extraordinarily smart, his lack of executive skills blocked the conversion of aptitude into achievement. Despite the perpetual frustrations, you saw my child’s innate value and limitless potential and you embarked on a crusade to unlock it. Despite there being more than twenty other kids in the class, you somehow made time just for mine.

You may have thought no one noticed the lengths to which you went on behalf of my child, but I noticed.

I remember how you cleared a space in your undersized classroom so my child could work with fewer distractions.

I remember your kneeling next to his desk and painstakingly explaining and demonstrating the basics of using a student planner.

I remember when you saw through saw my child’s behavior and recognized a gift, and then set us on the path to create a learning plan to facilitate my child’s area of giftedness.

I remember what you said: “I hope one day to see your son on TV getting a Nobel Prize and say, ‘hey, I taught that boy in elementary school.  That’s my boy’.”  I still tear up thinking about that.

You devoted so much of yourself over the year—only to send him on to the next grade at the end of June, never seeing the fruits of your labors.

You should know that he set a SMART goal, just like you taught him, to earn his Eagle Scout this year.

You should know my child is excelling in all subjects right now, and is even caught up on homework, if you can believe it. Oh, and he’s developed his first deep friendships—with other students you taught, no less.

You should know that my child is still the brainy, awkward beanpole you remember, but is entirely better because of you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for teaching my child!