Tahoma wants your input!

Recently I met with Tahoma administrators to discuss PATH’s and the district’s efforts to serve highly capable students. I presented a summary of PATH’s activity to Dawn Wakeley, Executive Director of Teaching and Learning, and Chris Everett, Highly Capable Coordinator. My presentation slides are available below.

The most exciting part of the meeting was hearing Dawn and Chris’s report on the upcoming review of highly capable services at the middle level. They plan to begin with gathering information: test scores, grades, student interviews, etc. In addition, Chris has an appointment in March to meet with the Issaquah school district and learn about their highly capable programming.

Here’s where we come in: Dawn and Chris are eager to hear the parents’ perspectives on middle level highly capable services, as well. In the next month or two, Dawn is planning to send out a parent survey for this specific topic, followed by a focus group. In preparation for those events, Dawn has a question of us: What do you wish she would ask us on the survey?

Please send your input to me,, and I’ll compile the list for Dawn. Tahoma is literally asking us what we think they should know. This is our chance!

Michelle Smart

PATH | President
cell 206.484.8227