Thanks for coming to see what PATH: Parent Advocates for Tahoma’s Highly-capable is all about. We’re a group of parents who recognize that some children have unique needs to go along with their unique capabilities. If you have a kiddo in your life who seems to learn faster than everyone else, who experiences emotions and sensations more keenly, or whose brain seems like it’s on overdrive, then this is the place for you.

PATH was founded with the goal of supporting highly capable (‘gifted’) children and their families. Read our mission statement here. We created PATH to educate whole families about different aspects of what it means to be gifted, to provide social gatherings, and to work hand-in-hand with Tahoma School District as we consider the needs of these students.

We’ve heard the question over and over, “Does my child have to be in the Discovery program to participate in PATH?” The answer is an absolute, “No!” We support and celebrate all gifted children, no matter what grade they’re in or what type of services they’re currently receiving.

So, what can PATH do for you?

  • PATH can give you a place to learn more about how your child’s brain ticks. Check out our Resource Library for sites and articles that we have found enlightening.
  • PATH can help you find other parents who understand your excitement and frustration. Connect with us on our Facebook page.
  • PATH can provide a strong voice to facilitate change with the district when needed. We always encourage parents to speak with their child’s teachers and administrators. Additionally, PATH has ongoing communication with the district. Contact Michelle Smart for more information.
  • PATH can help your child to know she’s not alone. (This is especially important for those non-Discovery students.) Come to a PATH-sponsored event to both learn and have fun with gifted kids of all ages.

Again, welcome. We’re glad you’re joining us on this journey to help these exceptional children. Whatever your story, if you care about a gifted child, that’s enough.

You belong here.

Michelle Smart,  President