Bryce Smart

Director of Communications

Bryce has worked with highly-capable kids for many years in a variety of capacities. He started as a teenager, teaching swim lessons to children of all skill levels and aptitudes. He has also run a kids’ zoology extension program, coached 13 seasons of youth sports, taught Sunday school for his church, and volunteered with the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts as a cubmaster, den leader, STEM counselor, and program committee chairman. Of the 12 boys in his most recent scout patrol, seven were identified as gifted, two of whom were both highly gifted and 2e.

Bryce found that he has a knack for working with gifted and highly gifted kids where others often struggle. When asked, he simply replies that he’s still about as mature as a 9 year-old and has roughly the same short attention span. Bryce’s interest in PATH began as a favor to his wife, Michelle Smart, but grew as he has watched his highly gifted children being under-served.  Bryce is working to ensure that they, and kids like them, have people who will advocate for them to preserve their love of learning and motivate them to live at their potential.

Contact him at: [email protected]