Insight from the Highly Capable Coordinator

It feels so good to have someone who “gets” our gifted kids. Chris Everett, Tahoma School District (TSD) Highly Capable Coordinator, is one of those people. I recently met with her to touch base on several items regarding hi cap in the district. Here is a brief recap:

• Middle school services. PATH’s advocacy last spring spurred on a full review of TSD’s middle level highly capable program, in the hopes that TSD would implement full services. However, forward progress on that front has stalled. Be on the lookout for communication from PATH about ways you can help your voice be heard!

• WAETAG. This conference, for The Washington Association for the Educators of the Talented and Gifted, is the one to which PATH sent Chris Everett last fall. Your donations over the past couple months have added up, and PATH just sent them over to TSD to sponsor another employee this year. Thank you, thank you for your contributions. TSD and our students are still seeing benefits from last year—this week Chris is holding a training for new cluster classroom (Cougar) teachers, based off what she learned at the last conference.

• Night of the Notables. Not having a few of the Discovery classes run this event this year was Chris’s call. Some of our teachers are new to teaching highly capable classrooms, and Chris wanted to give them an opportunity to get their feet under them. Also, Chris hopes that by taking a break from a decades-old tradition, teachers will be able to assess their students’ needs and make conscious decisions about what events will best meet those needs, instead of just doing what’s always been done.

• PATH’s November speaker. TSD asked our permission to send a school counselor or two to hear our guest speaker, on the topic of social and emotional needs. Of course! PATH is hosting a speaker from Northwest Gifted Child Association (, and we invite all parents and caregivers of gifted students to attend. See more information on our events page.

• New instructional coach. The new middle level humanities coach is Seth Adams, who comes to us from being an Issaquah principal. As he works with TSD teachers this year, one of his goals is to help them develop lessons with additional challenge opportunities built in.

PATH values highly our collaboration with Tahoma. We’re grateful for Chris and the considerate way she helps us stay informed about happenings that affect our kiddos.

Michelle Smart
PATH President