PATH meets with new interim superintendent

Interim Superintendent Mike Maryanski

By: Michelle Smart, PATH president

Another of PATH’s board members and I recently met with Mike Maryanski, Tahoma School District’s new interim superintendent. The purpose of the meeting was just to kick off the new working relationship. I’d never previously met Mike, but my impression was overwhelmingly positive. He shared two priorities that he already has in mind for his time here:

  • Improving Tahoma culture and climate with regard to persons of color
  • Reevaluating Tahoma’s future ready stance, to see how it can better prepare our students to succeed

As we discussed these topics, Mike struck me as knowledgeable and practical. He noted a concern with Tahoma’s future ready progress in the area of academics, as district data has recently shown that many of our students with the highest grades are achieving less than a year of growth. That ties in directly with PATH’s concern, that our highly capable students are not receiving an appropriately challenging education.

When Mike asked what PATH would most like to see change for the highly capable in Tahoma, we told him about our desire for expanded services at the middle level. I respect the fact that Mike then admitted that he wasn’t up to speed on the highly capable program in the district. He committed to learn about the situation, meet with us again in January, and help us come up with a plan where our concerns would be carefully examined. We will keep you posted of our future work in this area. If you would like to get more involved, please reach out to me at

Thank you for all you’re doing to nurture your children’s development. In my home, at least, the effort is both a joy and a challenge. 🙂

Happy holidays to you and yours!

Michelle Smart,  President