Q&A with Chris Everett, Tahoma Highly Capable Coordinator

I had a great phone conversation today with Chris Everett, Tahoma’s highly capable coordinator. I asked her some of the questions that I’ve been hearing from parents. Here are the questions, with my summaries of Chris’s answers:

Q: What will school look like in the fall?
A: Tahoma is waiting for guidance from the Washington state Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, expected in June. After that, Tahoma will finalize plans for the fall. Right now, Tahoma is making preliminary plans for 3 separate potential models. The district sent out an overview of this effort.

Q: Will the newly announced middle school highly capable program still launch this fall?
A: Yes! However school looks this fall, the new highly capable program will exist within that structure.

Q: I referred my middle school student for highly capable services for this fall, but there wasn’t time for testing before schools closed. Will that still happen?
A: Yes! Tahoma is hoping that in-person testing will be possible at the district offices soon, with social distancing procedures in place. In the event that that is not possible, Tahoma is exploring other options. You will receive communication later.

Q: Will the new highly capable teachers still be able to receive training, prior to school starting this fall?
A: Yes. The district has been having regular Zoom meetings with staff, and further Zoom trainings will help prep teachers for their new assignments.

I’m grateful to Chris for her dedication to our students. Thanks, Chris, for all you do!

-Michelle Smart