School Board report – May 28, 2019

The school board tonight was uneventful from the perspective of PATH.

One interesting public comment came from a parent advocating for later middle school and high school start times. Her evidence of altered circadian rhythms in adolescents seemed the most convincing point of the argument.
The board seemed most concerned over an increased prevalence of vaping in high schools and the rapidly increasing use in the middle schools (and one incident in an elementary school). Policy for suspensions, exclusions, and the consequences had a fair amount of interest. They politely listened to the ASB organizations of several schools.

Members of the board appeared congenial with each other, but generally ignored the audience.

Editorial comments: I haven’t been to a board meeting since the emotionally stimulating school boundary meetings which had a different focus, but was struck by the amazing amount of resources that are consumed by the most troubled students. For example, students excluded from school (expelled, in my old school language) for longer periods of time are assigned online classes with live tutors (apparently required by the state?) at a cost of ~$350 per class. If even 25% of these resources were allocated to the higher performing students the benefits to be gained would be far greater.