School Board report – Feb 26, 2018

Three cheers for our first PATH reporter! Katie Smith attended the school board meeting on and took notes for us.

Although minutes of the meeting will be posted online by Tahoma School District (TSD), Katie was able to catch more detail than the minutes provide. Here are some of the tidbits she and I heard that might be especially interesting to highly capable families.

  • The technology review committee reframed TSD’s philosophy on student technology use: Technology is used to achieve our goals and is not a goal in and of itself.
  • A new math curriculum for the high school is being adopted, as the result of an exhaustive 3-year process. TSD teacher Tracy DeLeon reported that one strength of this curriculum is that it provides leveled questions. Suggestions are given both for struggling students and for those who need more challenge.
  • When the annual grant proposal for state highly capable funds was brought up for approval, School Board Director Val Pagenelli asked for more information on the highly capable program. School Board President Didem Pierson suggested setting aside time in a future meeting to go over the program in more depth. Executive Director of Teaching and Learning Dawn Wakeley committed to preparing that presentation.

Thanks for your eyes and ears, Katie! Keeping informed of what is important to TSD leadership is an important part of advocating for our students.

If you have a couple hours to give, and you’d like to learn more about how our district works, please consider volunteering as a PATH reporter.  Email me at for more information.